Thursday, 15 April 2010

Leighton Meester is named the new face of Herbal Essences.

It has been announced that Gossip Girl favourite Leighton Meester - better known as Upper East Side snob Blair Waldorf - will be the new face of Herbal Essences. Meester will be appearing in print adverts in the US as well as on the company's website and facebook page. It comes as no surprise that Leighton has been snapped up by Herbal Essences, her impeccably groomed hair has long been the envy of girls the world over since her hit TV show, Gossip Girl, started airing in 2007. No word yet on whether or not the theme of the campaign will be that of past Herbal Essences advertisements (i.e. those cheeky commercials that aired during Desperate Housewives with women faking orgasms and lots of innuendo regarding the gardener, although she should be no stranger to that as she was rather convincingly faking an orgasm to annoy Nate and Serena on a recent episode of Gossip Girl whilst she was really just flipping through a magazine!) but whatever the theme, I look forward to seeing 'Blair' work those beautiful brown tresses in a Herbal Essences advertisement soon.

More soon.

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