Sunday, 24 January 2010

Spring/Summer? It's still cold!

I realise that fashion dictates that it's Spring/Summer 2010 right now, in fact it seems it's almost over as Autumn/Winter collections are being shown around the world, but here in England it's still absolutely freezing. Lately I've basically been living in my boyfriend's chunky knits, I just can't get enough of them. That and some skinny jeans (or sheers if I'm wearing a dress), and a pair of masculine boots and I'm ready to go.
Jumper, Zara menswear. Jumper (underneath), American Apparel. Jeans (taken in to be skinnier), Topshop. Boots, Comptoir des Cotonniers for Dr.Marten's.

Jumper, Zara menswear. Jeans, Topshop. Boots, Church's.

Because of the cold weather, and the fact that my wardrobe largely consists of understated black dresses; I'm slowly coming around to the idea of statement tights. Usually I'm more one for just braving the cold and sticking with bare legs but I got myself this pair (which my boyfriend says make me look like a character out of a Batman movie - Riddler? Joker?) from Topshop recently that I really love. Not only are they fun but they're really kind of slimming as the black lines edge around the front slightly and give the illusion of slimmer legs. I've only worn them a couple times and I was very pleasantly surprised at the amount of women complimenting them (men don't know anything anyway).

Tights, Topshop.

I've been dying to get my hands on a pair of House of Holland tights but every time I go to a stockist they never seem to have the pair I want (below). They're all nice though so I may just settle for a different pair, although I was hoping for some that I haven't seen every other girl wearing (everyone seems to have the 'WANNA PARTY' ones for some reason?). According to his twitter,, he's just signed off on some more for next season which I'm excited to see, hopefully he'll continue to deliver.

Even in the cold weather I've never really been one for gloves (I hate letting the weather dictate my outfit), you can never operate your ipod successfully with a pair on and fingerless pairs make you look kind of like a homeless person, so when I saw this muff in an Urban Outfitters in Liverpool it was like love at first sight. I used to have one when I was 5 that was attached to my coat and let me tell you it has been sorely missed. Upon trying it on I was instantly whisked back to that magical time of feeling like Princess Anastasia, very early-1900s Russia (almost definitely not historically accurate but when you're 5 it's fun nonetheless). However, far from my elephant patterned one of the early 90s; this is a more grown up muff. The chain to hang it around your neck manages to give it a bit of edge that makes a girl proud, rather than slightly embarrassed, to wear it. The practicality, or lack thereof, of a muff is irrelevant - it both looks and feels good.

Muff, Urban Outfitters.

For Christmas my boyfriend got me the most comfortable pair of slippers in the world. I know what you're thinking - boring. But actually when I saw this 'where the wild things are'-inspired pair I was really excited (we saw Where the Wild Things Are recently and I thought it was amazing), the tiny leather claws are such a nice touch! I also love the fact that noone else will have them because they were literally the last pair left in this cute little boutique store in Liverpool Street called 'Hurwundeki' that we like. Nothing can take the wind out of your sails more than being happy with your outfit and then running into someone wearing the exact same thing (damn Topshop!).

Slippers, Hurwundeki.

So while everyone else is counting down the days until warmer weather, I'm all set.

More Soon.

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