Monday, 25 January 2010

In the mood for change.

In the spirit of my 'song of the day' artist, Madonna, I think I'm going to go for a mini-makeover for Spring as I'm starting to get a bit bored with my look (it's been the same for like 4 months now and it's starting to feel a bit stale). Tomorrow I'm going shopping for a curling iron as I'm hoping to sort my boring flat hair out with a nice kind of 1940's wave. I've never done that before but hopefully it'll work. I loved a spread that I saw in British Vogue in March 2009 with Lily Donaldson sporting this kind of romantic, war-time look.

I also particularly loved the look on the Christian Dior catwalk for Spring/Summer 2010 (always a fan of Sasha Pivovorova's look anyway).

I'm thinking I might lighten my hair up a bit for Spring too as it's practically black right now, but I think I'll let a professional handle that as I've had too many bad outcomes in the past. Just not sure whether to stick to a dark brown or go lighter. Probably lighter; if I'm going for change I think I'd definitely prefer a more dramatic change.

I feel like Spring/Summer 2010 is the season to look a bit more polished and like you've made some effort so I'm trying to be less lazy and pull my look together. I'm also hoping to find the perfect nude lipstick (one of my favourite colours for Spring) tomorrow as I'm really getting into the idea of daytime lipstick, and an altogether more glamourous look. Although I have to say after a quick look on I'm slightly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice. I'm not usually one for wearing a lot of makeup as I was always more of a tomboy, however I'm slowly being converted - I really loved this article in this month(February 2010)'s Vogue about 'the return of makeup' which makes the whole ordeal seem somewhat more managable.

Hell, I might even try some fake eyelashes for the first time! I'll keep you posted on the results. More soon.

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