Tuesday, 5 October 2010

"I think that accessorising makes or breaks an outfit."

I don't know about you, but it always seems as though I can never find decent unusual jewellery anywhere! So I was thrilled to learn of newly-launched online jewellery boutique, Studded & Stoned, that brings cool, edgy brands that are hard to find to UK customers.

Founder, Charli Brown, first came up with the idea when she noticed that "there is a serious shortage of the particular style of designer jewellery in the UK that I'm trying to bring over," such as Leviticus, Pamela Love or Erin Wasson's LowLuv that were featured on the American fashion blogs she loves. It's easy to tell how passionate Charli is about her new venture through her extremely conscientious buying, valuing designers for "their quirkiness", as well as their individuality and affordability; "so many designer pieces are all about the safe, over-the-top glam factor, so you're only really left with highstreet brands if you want something a little quirky. I mean Dior and McQueen are awesomely quirky, but who the fuck can afford them at our age? I've tried to find affordable quirky pieces that have been made in small quantities, with love and effort - minus the epic price tags over at YSL/McQueen/Dior. I think I'm trying to cater to jewellery lovers who love individual pieces, are prepared to pay a little more for a uniquely designed piece, but not shell out 2 months' wages on a high-fashion piece."

Studded & Stoned founder, Charli Brown

"I think that accessorising makes or breaks an outfit."

I've been obsessing over the rings..

Bijules Bone Knuckle Ring, 14ct Gold, £120
Leviticus Talon Ring, sterling silver, £70
Bijules Mini Curved Bar Ring, solid silver, £140

Low Luv by Erin Wasson Hinged Armour Ring, silver-plated, £53

I've completely fallen in love with the entire concept of Studded & Stoned, right down to the 'community' where they encourage a completely interactive experience with their customer base - you can also follow them on twitter. With it's intelligent, eclectic mix of hard-to-find edgy designers and unusual UK-based designers such as Mawi and Lara Bohinc; I think Studded & Stoned is definitely fast becoming one of my new favourite boutiques!

More soon.
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