Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Alexa Chung for Madewell.

Exciting news! Alexa Chung has made her first foray into the world of design with a collection for affordable American-based brand, Madewell (a subsidiary of J.Crew). Much like Kate Moss' eponymous Topshop collection; the looks are based largely on her own coveted style. The line debuted in a presentation during New York Fashion Week. There's a reason Alexa picked up the Editor's Choice Award at the recent Elle Style Awards, the girl knows what she's doing - I want it all!

Doing high-waisted shorts in velvet is a nice touch, it adds a bit of texture, another dimension to an otherwise simple outfit. The thin brown braided belt is gorgeous too - I love mixing black and brown. And I'm always a fan of a masculine button up shirt. The coat is a beautiful shade of grey with black detailing, love the length too. She gets it all just right.

Again, I love the button up shirt, keeping it all very simple and classic in lovely neutral colours. Still not sure where I stand on dungarees but I love the socks-and-sandals look, a patented Alexa classic.

I just changed my mind, these dungarees are heavenly, a very flattering cut - love everything about the left look, the colours, everything. Especially enjoying the high neck and bare legs combination, she manages to make geek chic sexy, no mean feat. The right look is pretty but not necessarily something I'd wear, that hat is definitely not for me.

Really like the socks-and-sandals in black as well, and the masculine boots.

The cut of the jeans on the left is ridiculously perfect; slightly high-waisted and impossibly skinny. The blazer is spot on and the little laceup ankleboot heels are a nice touch too.
If I had choose I'd say this look on the left is probably my favourite in terms of head-to-toe wearability, it's really something that could take you from day to night comfortably. Ever since watching Coco Before Chanel I've been lusting after anything with breton stripes, this is a lovely take on that. The blue velvet shorts and the brown belt combination is gorgeous. And again there's the socks-and-sandals vibe I've been addicted to since Burberry's Spring/Summer 2010 show. The dress is cute too, quite 60s, very simple, very easy to wear.

I would quite like this scarf come Autumn/Winter 2010, love the subdued shades.

Both these looks are gorgeous too, love the choice of colour palette. I love the way the jumper on the right has such a high neck but then it comes up slightly short to expose the bottom of the shirt and it's sleeves, perfection. Not 100% sold on socks-with-clogs though. The coat/jacket on the left is adorable.

The dress on the right is too cute for words, gorgeous yet understated detailing with the ever-so-slight frilled edges, love it.
It's a good thing this line is so affordable; with only 16 stores all based in the USA, the money I save is going to have to go on air fare just to get to a Madewell store. More soon.

All photos from WWD.

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