Monday, 2 April 2012

Team Stella

Since she introduced her first collaboration with Adidas in 2004, yogalates-obsessed fashionistas the world over have been thanking their lucky stars that Stella finally answered the dreaded question, 'why can't you look chic when you sweat?' And now that her success with Adidas has reached dizzying heights and her designs for team GB's kit for the upcoming Olympic games have been revealed, McCartney's reign as designer sportswear queen is not set to fade any time soon.

The designer took centre stage - wearing a look from her own Spring/Summer 2012 collection, naturally - in a ceremony at the iconic Tower Bridge last week to unveil the sleek new uniforms on the Olympic hopefuls themselves.

While you may be forgiven for thinking the uniforms aren't particularly fashion forward, Stella told the audience that many factors such as strict Olympic regulations, shapes which enhance athletic performance, suggestions from the athletes themselves, and of course a quintessential 'British' feel all contributed to the lengthy design process. When asked about the kit McCartney noted that she enjoyed bringing a "feminine touch"; this is the first time female athletes have their own specially-designed tracksuit where previously they simply wore the men's tracksuit in a smaller size. Regardless of what happens this July, it looks like Great Britain has already won gold in the fashion stakes.

More soon.

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