Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Long Time Coming: Burberry's Eyewear Campaign

I'm so excited to finally be able to share this video with you all! Today marks the release of Burberry's first instalment of their latest eyewear campaign featuring my lovely and talented friends, One Night Only and their exclusive music video for new single, 'Long Time Coming'.

The Christopher Bailey-curated video is quintessential Burberry; classic, stylish, achingly cool, and of course featuring British talent. Christopher Bailey's championing of young British creatives, and in particular musicians, really shines through in this latest campaign which will see four bands release an exclusive new video each week this month. One Night Only's 'Long Time Coming' is the first video of the series, other participating acts include up-and-comers Daydream Club, Life in Film and Marika Hackman. All tracks will be available to buy on iTunes.

The sunglasses themselves are a new, Burberry [read: check arms] take on the classic aviator and will cost you around £180 to pick up.

The Yorkshire lads have a long history of working with the luxury heritage brand, frontman George Craig first became the face of Burberry at the tender age of 18 and as brand ambassadors the band continue to play live shows for Burberry, including at their most recent summer Serpentine ball. I caught up with George Craig earlier for his thoughts on fronting his fourth major campaign for the brand..

The Sculpted Heel - Christopher Bailey has always been a huge supporter of you, what does it mean to you and the band to be working with Burberry again?
George Craig - "It's such a massive privilege to still be associated with the brand after so many years. It means a lot to the band as it really gives us such huge exposure to [Burberry's] 12 million-plus digital fan base."

TSH - Tell me about your new album, is this the first track?
GC - "This isn't the lead track, it's just a single that we are so proud of. It's for the fans really, they deserve something as good as this. Long Time Coming is just the first step in a long process, we just want to keep releasing quality stuff and moving forward."

TSH - That's very exciting, when can we expect the track to be released?
GC - "The release date is May 4th worldwide."

TSH - I know you've DJed for Burberry all over the world as a brand ambassador, will you be performing any live gigs for them for this campaign? Do you know where you'll be jetting off to?
GC - "I don't know where I'm DJing next but it's always such a good night. I think we are doing a show in Paris on the day of the release. "

If you can't make it to 'gay Paree' fear not, the ONO boys will also be touring the UK later this month so for your chance to catch them live in action check out dates and tickets here.

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