Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Things I'm obsessing over this week..

With the recent couture shows and the unveiling of Pre-Fall collections I'm beginning to feel that itch for key pieces to freshen up my wardrobe and give it a bit of life. I'm not sure if this helps or hinders my attempt to stop spending but I've been scouring my favourite online boutiques to round up all the things I'm currently obsessing over in one place for you.

Most of my wishlist feeds directly into my ongoing obsessions with great knitwear, printed trousers and more recently, the art of layering. I mean who doesn't need a chunky white Stella McCartney jumper or Acne trousers printed with dollars? These are staples, nay, necessities surely..

While I usually try to refrain from buying into seasonal trends lately I am overwhelmingly drawn to any and all coloured fur and/or holographic surfaces - and anyone who knows me (and my favourite Margiela camel toe boots) knows I love a quirky accessory!

*My pick of the week* I know I can't technically justify purchasing this most expensive and pointless Fendi fox fur keychain but a girl can't choose who which inanimate object she falls in love with, right?! I dream of attaching it to my PS11. Someone hide my card!

1. Acne trousers £320 
2. 10 Crosby Derek Lam top £270 
3. Acne bag £300 
4. Stella McCartney jumper £436 
5. Maison Michel hat at Motilo.com £485 
6. Fendi fox fur key chain £192 
7. Stella McCartney holographic ipad sleeve £145 
8. Aint Laurent sweatshirt £100 

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