Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Oh, Naomi

Naomi Campbell's narcissism knows no bounds. The supermodel was summoned to testify last week against former Liberian president, Charles Taylor who allegedly gifted her with illegal uncut diamonds 13 years ago. In her testimony, Naomi made sure to make a point of how much of an "inconvenience" it was for her to testify at the war crimes tribunal at The Hague. Dressing up for the occasion, Naomi wore a yellow Alaia ensemble and a beehive.

According to Campbell, she met Charles Taylor at a dinner party at her grandfather(Nelson Mandela)'s compound. Later, in the middle of the night, she claims two men knocked on her bedroom door and gave her a small pouch containing the diamonds saying only, "a gift for you". Apparently she didn't think anything of being given a small pouch containing the "dirty-looking pebbles" in the middle of the night by two huge bodyguards because she receives gifts all the time, "it is quite normal for me". The supermodel stated that she couldn't know for sure that the uncut stones came from Taylor but that she assumed that they had come from him. A mere six hours later she apparently simply gave the stones to the head of one of her grandfather's charities with the instructions to "make sure the children benefit from them". (Yeah..) Her testimony has been contradicted by that of actress Mia Farrow who was also a guest at the dinner, and also by her former agent, Carol White. The trial continues.

More soon.

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